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Date posted: 6/30/20
Location: Idaho

Guess who? Peekaboo! Please give a warm welcome to this gorgeous pied girl who is sure to melt hearts as she searches for a perfect forever home this summer.

This almost-3-year-old girl is a sweet surprise. Diagnosed with IVDD, she was surrendered so that she could find a home that would be able to minimize risk of further back injury. Peekaboo is on medications and will require further treatment, but she can still walk and has no trouble with toileting.

Peekaboo likes an easy life: she loves to explore the yard and watch the birds at the bird feeder, but isn’t keen on going for an actual walk. She loves her foster family, but barks at strangers and other dogs. Peekaboo was a little unsure of going to get an examination from the veterinarian, but even though she was frightened, she was a very good girl. She will be resting and recharging in her foster home and we’ll have much more to report on this sweet girl soon.

Peekaboo will need special care, and treatments aren’t cheap, so if you’re able to chip in for her expenses, please click on the link next to her picture to donate. Peekaboo will thank you with many sweet Frenchie kisses!


Praying for you, Peekaboo! Love, Yale/Cyr Family