Date posted: 12/31/16
Location: Connecticut

Adorable 3-year-old Pele came to us when his family just couldn't get a handle on his allergies. His first stop was a trip to the vet to see if we can get his itchies under control, so he can live without the cone of shame--the cone is horrible, but it's necessary, because Pele is a compulsive scratcher, and we don't want him to open his skin to the possibility of more staph infections, poor guy. He got a prescription for the miracle drug, Apoquel, which has worked wonders on so many of our frogs. Like many medical miracles, it is expensive, so if you have an allergy dog and you can comisserate, please consider sending us a donation to help cover the costs of his meds.

Pele is a ball fiend. Like his namesake, he is obsessed with balls, and he can jump shockingly high for a bulldog. Pele is also a Velcro hound, and if you stop, sit, or lie down to rest, he will be snuggled right up next to you, sharing your body heat and enjoying your softness. We expect that Pele will be feeling better and his skin healed up pretty quickly, so do keep an eye on the Sneak Peek box on our Available Page, if you'd like to add a snuggly, active Frenchie to your family.






Teresa Caudle

Let's play balls together! Love from Dumpling!

Kelley Frasco

For Pele. Hope those itchies get under control. Sarah Gordon

For Pele's itches. michael fenswick

Hope this helps with your itchies Pele! You are such a handsome boy! Much love, the Griffith family

Melinda Anderson

Megan Plowman

greg stanley

From CeeCee

luvs u pele!! puppy