Date posted: 6/10/17
Location: Texas

Give a warm howdy to FBRN’s newest cowdog, Pete! They say everything is bigger in Texas, and at an impressive 30 pounds, Pete is no exception. Of course, that just means there’s more of him to love, which is an easy task with a dog as endearing as Pete.

Pete was surrendered to an animal hospital because his owners were unable to properly care for his problematic back. When his foster mom went to pick him up, she expected to find a sad, pitiful dog. Instead, Pete came tearing out of the back room and immediately rolled over for a belly rub! Foster mom then whisked him off to the surgery center, where doctors determined that Pete was not in any pain and no immediate treatment was necessary. Phew!

What is immediately necessary is a little TLC. Pete’s skin is infected, and don’t tell him this, but he smells pretty bad. With no medical history to speak of, Pete will also need to get up to date on his vaccines and heartworm preventative, not to mention undergoing the ol’ snip-snip. In the meantime, foster mom and Pete’s veterinary team will be keeping a close eye on his back, and will make the decision as to whether surgery is necessary after a few weeks of observation.

Pete moseyed into FBRN with empty saddlebags, so he could really use your support! If you’d like to become his sponsor, just click on the link above to make a donation and tell us it’s for Pete’s sake. Pete with thank you with a tip of his hat and a wink of his eye (and a LOT of Frenchie kisses!)




Teresa Caudle

Love your sweet face Pete! Angie Gill

Pete, here's a few bucks from a couple of blonde East Texas Frenchie girls - Shelby & Henley. Feel better soon.

Melissa Loerke

With love from 3 west Texas Bullies ~Tanka, Belle, & Jiggs

Hi Pete! Hope you get to feeling better soon. Janet Daum

Christine LaPierre