Date posted: 8/27/17
Location: MI

Let’s send out a hearty welcome to FBRN’s newest cupcake, Phineas! This portly boy hails from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and came to us when his family realized that with one small human in the home and another on the way, they weren't able to give Phin the attention he needs and deserves. Phineas is in pretty good health overall, but does have a few of the issues that come standard on many of the French Bulldog models coming off the assembly line: a nasty ear infection and skin issues caused by allergies.

As you can probably tell, Phineas is on the…er, “heftier” side of the Frenchie spectrum. (38 pounds!) Although we don't have confirmation of this, Mackinac Island -- considered by many to be the fudge epicenter of the universe -– is a stone’s throw from the Upper Peninsula Phineas previously called home. We aren’t saying there’s a connection, but we aren’t saying there isn't.

Phineas, as it turns out, also appears to be deaf; foster mom will be getting veterinary confirmation during Phin’s intake appointment. But to be quite honest, Frenchies with an official diagnosis of deafness are not much different from those who can hear. French Bulldogs are notorious for having “selective Frenchie hearing,” which is to say that if a French Bulldog decides that he’s not interested in listening to you, he simply won't. An official diagnosis of deafness just makes it…well, official.

So far, Phin seems eager to meet the other dogs in his foster home, which will happen in good time. Foster mom is following FBRN’s slow intro policy, which is especially important as Phineas is rumored to be a resource guarder. Meanwhile, he passes his time partaking in belly rubs, invading his foster humans’ personal space and getting regular exercise to help him shed a few pounds. His foster mom describes him as quite a ham, which surprises us not at all. Hammy-ness also comes standard on most Frenchies.

We suspect that Phineas is only a few of those extra pounds away from being ready for his forever home. We will keep you posted on his progress! Meanwhile, if you have a few shillings to spare, consider making a donation and sending some “phunds” to Phin. Jazzercise videos and health shakes can really add up!


Hello Phineas! Look forward to seeing you all spiffed up on the available page. -Jeff & Torrey

Hi Phinster! It's not much, but I really hope this helps a little bit! I know how tempting that Mackinac Fudge is! (: Miranda Perrymore

Hi Phin! You're adorable and I'd be happy to help teach you some sign language! -Katie, Scott, Edgar and Mabel