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Date posted: 10/5/20

Please give a warm welcome to radiant Rhonnie! This cutie rolled into the French Bulldog Rescue Network after her owner passed away, and the extended family was unable to give her the time and care she needed.

At the ripe age of three, this girl is full of curiosity and energy! She is taking her time adjusting to her foster home and investigating every nook and cranny. Rhonnie has shown some signs of food aggression with other dogs, but not to worry, her foster family is experienced and has already started to work with her on this bad behavior. In the meantime, Rhonnie will see the vet to make sure she’s in tip-top shape.

This curious cream puff would sure appreciate a few extra dollars to sponsor her investigative work. She’s also in need of funds to help cover her spay surgery. If you have anything extra to spare, please consider donating to Rhonnie by clicking on the banner above.


Sweet little Rhonnie I'm so sorry you lost your person. I know you will find a new family soon. :)Lynn Follansbee

Kimberly Currault

Carly Roberts

Sabrina Niyazov

For little Rhonnie xoxo Tabitha Ott