Date posted: 5/11/19
Location: NJ

While one might be catching up on Game of Thrones, FBRN has a Samwell of their very own. Samwell came to FBRN from Turkey. He has the sweetest eyes, folded down ears and is quite the looker. Just like Samwell from GOT, this boy has a sweet, affectionate, yet timidly awkward personality.

It's quite possible he suffered some abuse in his previous location. After his vet visit, the good news was that his skin wasn't infected with Greyscale! However, there will be some work to get both his skin and ears back to normal. They are pretty crusty, yeasty, and there could have been a few untreated infections from his prior life. Samwell will also need to gain a bit of weight and be altered.

Samwell is excited and showing curiosity about the world around him. He's currently researching the world from his library while he waits for his infections to clear so he can then meet his foster siblings. If you have any spare change that you can part with, consider donating it to Samwell to give him some comforts or provide funds for his vet visits. All you need to do is click on the link to sponsor him. We know this world-traveler will thank you for your kindness.


For a cute dog. Here is something for a new toy or a treat. Hope you get better very very soon! Jasmina Kneselac

Brittany Lee

I couldn’t pass up helping that precious face! Jennifer Cahill

For Samwell. Love Chloe and Charli! XoOxOO

There’s just something about you. You’re a sweet soul. I’ve fostered and transported enough babies to know you’re special. Best of luck to you, Samwell! Love, Krista, Thomas, Karl, Chanel and Tucker

So cute. Kristina Lumia

Beth Kring

SHS 95 Reunion