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Date posted: 3/23/21
Location: New York

Please give a warm welcome to four-year-old fawn lass, Saoirse (meaning freedom and pronounced “Sur-sha”). This beautiful young lady is a former puppy mill mama. Before arriving at her foster home, it seems she had never been outside, eaten out of a bowl, or experienced unconditional love. Her beautiful big brown eyes had rarely seen the beauty of the outdoors. She had never taken in fresh air while taking a fun loving walk. Her large bat ears had rarely heard spring birds chirp. Toys, dog beds, and treats had never been offered to her and she didn't know how to navigate grass or stairs.

Now that Saoirse is slowly getting introduced to the big wide world, her sweet and fun natured personality is starting to shine through. She loves squeaky toys and taking walks on the leash. She is also getting along great with the resident Frenchie in her foster home. They love to snuggle together on the couch. Her foster mom is currently working with her on house training and Saoirse gets so excited for her "good job" potty treats! Currently this little miss is still not sure how a dog bowl works, and has worked up to eating her meals off of a plate or out of her foster mom's hand.

Saoirse will be going to the vet and getting her first check-up very soon. If you would like to sponsor this sweet girl and help her on her way to the available page, please click on the link next to Saoirse's photo at the top of the page. She sends you all lots of love and Frenchie kisses too!