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Date posted: 2/23/20
Location: NJ

UPDATE:  Sergeant's issues were more than he could live with comfortably, so it was decided to let him go peacefully.


Please welcome Sergeant to our FBRN family! Very little is known about Sergeant as he was in a shelter and whisked off to our wonderful foster mom. Apparently, he was turned in to the shelter with no chip, collar or tags. (Please, PLEASE microchip your dogs!!)

Sergeant has some grey around his face so he's either a gentleman of a certain age or an early-bird when it comes to going grey. He knows sit and has such gentlemanly manners that he'll sniff a face, but not lick it!

Sergeant is very food motivated and will drool at the sight of food. Of course, this is a good thing when it comes to training so when following Sergeant, keep that in mind.

Currently, he likes the 6-year-old human in the home and is going through very slow intros with the resident fur kid.

Sergeant will be having his intake exam very soon. As you can guess, being in the shelter with absolutely no information, he also had completely empty pockets. This poor gentleman can't even purchase a cup of treats on his own. So, if you'd like to sponsor Sergeant, please click on his photo. He would be most grateful and send you all the smooches he can.



Not sure how this sweet boy ended up in a shelter but here are a few bucks for some treats. Enjoy being spoiled little guy! M. De Lalla, NJ

Kathleen Hewins

Brian Kiernan

Brandon Wackowski

I hope Sergeant enjoys some treats or toys with this donation. Kerry ann Kearney

A small little salute to Sergeant, hope he finds his forever home. Courtney Lawson

For some nice treats and maybe a new blankie for sweet Sergeant. Xoxo Kelly Cossaboom

Hope you find a great forever home! Perhaps even with us. Michael Tillger

Jennifer Phillips

Good luck little fella. I hope you find the loving home you deserve. Maria Velasco