Date posted: 11/26/17
Location: Texas

Give a warm holiday season welcome to our newest senior gal Shallot. At 12 years old Shallot still gets around great and enjoys a little romp around the yard with the younguns. She is the sweetest, most gentle gal, and she takes her treats nicely from your hand. This proper lady also minds her manners very well on leash walks, but she will let other dogs know who is boss if necessary. After all, someone has to keep the young pups in line, right? Shallot will be visiting our vet very soon for a checkup, but she appears to be very healthy. If you would like to sponsor lovely Miss Shallot and help her on her way to the available page, please click on the link next to her gorgeous mug shot. She sends you all her love and lots of Frenchie kisses, too!


Shallot, Mature Frenchies rock! Love, Pork and Beans.

Love from @atticusdafrenchie

With love from Gemini