Date posted: 7/30/17
Location: California

We need an exciting welcome for FBRN's newest spitfire, Simon. Can you say handsome?! Simon was tearfully surrendered when it was determined that he might just be a little rambunctious for the two children in his previous home. Luckily for Simon, we're sure that he will find the best forever home possible.

Simon is a 13-month-old fawn and white Frenchie who seems to be the picture of health! Aside from some minor ear issues in the past and pending the results of an allergy test, everything looks spot on. Simon is a very active Frenchie and is getting along great with his foster fur siblings. If there is one thing this boy loves it is people. He has quite the comedy routine going when he thinks he is a guard dog and barks. His bark is hardly vicious and he just wants to attack with love.

As playful as Simon is he understands what his boundaries are. He is currently loving life in a play pen, which gives him more room than a crate. He's had a few accidents in his foster home, but that could just be because it's well... new. His foster mom is working on potty training just to make certain. There have been no signs of aggression from Simon.

If you have an extra penny or two to throw into Simon's hat, he'd greatly appreciate it. All you need to do is click on the link to sponsor him. Thank you!




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