Date posted: 11/11/17
Location: Southern NY

Oh Suki, you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind, hey Suki! This 1.5-year-old ball of energy was surrendered after her previous owner fell ill and needed in-home nursing care. The problem? Suki doesn't necessarily like lots of different people coming in and out of her house all the time, and she has the habit of lunging and barking at certain strangers. That's okay, Suki, we totally understand.

It's hard to not fall in love with this athletic and frenetic bundle of love! Her foster mom describes Suki's four modes as Parkour expert, Dora the explorer, stranger danger, and nap queen. Suki has definitely shown her potential for America's Frenchie Ninja Warrior by army crawling under the couch and scaling her foster dad's body like the warped wall, sitting atop his shoulders while showering him with kisses. She will explore every nook and cranny of the house, finding things you thought you lost years ago then nap--and nap hard. The stranger danger seems manageable as she was such a champ on public transport and really likes most people. One of her triggers might be when people pet her and then stop petting her (so never stop petting her, duh!).

Suki never really had any consistent structure early in life, even spending a couple of extended stints in boarding. Her foster family will continue to evaluate her stranger-danger triggers and has already taken her to a local trainer. Aside from her anxiety, Suki is very healthy, needing only some routine eye-fold and paw cleaning. Consider sponsoring sweet Suki with that loose change you thought you lost behind the couch years ago (Suki could find it for you!). Just click on her picture; Suki would definitely thank you by earnestly cleaning your face's folds and crannies!

Videos of Suki:

Suki - Enjoying a belly rub


Hi Suki, I love your zest for life and wagging tail. Hope this helps with your ninja warrior training. Love, Oeuf (@monsieur_egg)

This is for you Sweet Suki! I love watching your happy little face bully goat your fosters! Learn everything you can with them and that SBP so you can have the fullest little life! Love, DaggerUnited (Stacy)

For Suki.She seems like a ball of energy. Hoping you find your forever home soon. Eleanor Stever

For sweet Suki!! I love watching your journey with your foster fam. I know you are in great hands!!! Here’s a little something to help reassure you that you are loved. Love, Frenchie Fergus and his Mama Beaniest444!!!

You’re a lucky girl, Suki!! I’m sure your family will adore you just like your foster fam!! Julie Allenby

In loving memory of Finn and Leroy, and for the welfare of pups Jordi, Suki and any other smushfaces that need help. Oso and I love them all. Happy Holidays from Oso & Matt.

This donation is made in honor of Suki and her fabulous fosters - Sahu and Michele. You took such good care of me when my pawrents were traveling over Christmas. I am a lucky pup and am hoping my new best friend Suki finds her forever home soon. Love, Fenway