Location: NJ

Update! 2/4/17
Following an episode of blood in Sunshine's urine, an ultrasound revealed a possible splenic mass and thickening of the bowel. Because her prognosis is uncertain at this time, we have moved her back to the foster page and fees will be refunded for all who applied for her. 

Please welcome Sunshine to FBRN. This pretty girl’s future is so bright that she’ll have to start wearing shades! Sunshinewas returned to FBRN after many years with her previous adoptive family. They reported issues with the resident Frenchie and their two young children.

Sunshine weighed in at 28 pounds at her intake vet visit and her blood work results were all good. She waddles and seems to have some rear gait issues, so she will be scheduled for x-rays to see what could be could be causing her to walk the way she does. Sunshine does not appear to be in any pain, but her foster family is making sure that she takes it easy until the x-rays provide some answers.

Sunshine is a sweetheart to all the people she has met while she has been in foster care, but she may be a bit of a diva around other dogs. More evaluation is needed and we’ll have all the details once Sunshine makes her way to the available page. In the meantime, sweet Sunshine could use a few encouraging words to brighten her day. If you’d like to donate, please click the link above and let her know that you’re wishing her well. Thank you!





Teresa Caudle

Good luck precious girl! Lay Jacobson

Best of luck from Rin & Crew

Wishing you the happiest holiday season. Love, Jenn and Simone

Patricia White

Sweet Sunshine, Here's a little something to help you with your bills. Maria T Burns