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Date posted: 3/8/20
Location: MD

Give a warm welcome to sweetie pie Tardis! Tardis, aka Roxy, is a sweet 7-year-old fawn girl. Tardis, a former puppy mill mama, is currently settling in at her foster home. Tardis's breeding days are behind her now that she is an FBRN foster dog. Since arriving at her foster home, she has been enjoying lazing around in sunny spots in her comfy bed and getting as many belly rubs as possible. This little cutie is confident, sweet, and loves sitting next to her favorite people on the couch. We are still learning more about Tardis and she will be visiting our vet for a check up soon.

If you would like to sponsor Tardis and help her on her way to the available page, just click on the link next to her adorable mug shot. She sends you all lots of love and Frenchie kisses too! Thank you!


You had me at Tardis!! Does she have 2 hearts and sonic screwdriver? Is her best friend the Doc? Hope she ends up with all the love, respect, comfort and fish sticks with custard she deserves. No one should have to be a baby factory! Here's to being Timey Wimy and Wibbly Wobbly! Don't forget to get her a Fez. Fezzes are cool!! David Gerwig

Some treats for Tardis in honor of Izzie, Lindsay Massey