Date posted: 7/21/19
Location: SC

Please welcome Tavie to the FBRN family! After adding a new baby to their family, Tavie’s owners found her necessary skin care routine was falling to the wayside, so they made the difficult decision to surrender her to FBRN.

Tavie is a lovely 10-year-old brindle girl who is adapting well in her foster home. She lives for belly rubs and loves to lick everyone she meets. Foster mom reports that her legs have never been cleaner! Despite her age, Tavie is a powerful chewing machine. She loves Nylabones and any other toy that she cannot destroy or de-stuff in seconds. Her savageness with stuffies aside, Tavie is a well-mannered lady who gets along well with everyone she meets. She does not resource guard; although she does have an adorable and peculiar habit of taking ALL of her toys into her bed when she is ready to sleep.

Tavie is good with cats. Unfortunately, she is highly allergic to cats. Because of her allergies, she will require frequent bathing. Lucky for all involved, Tavie enjoys “spa time” and is well behaved in the tub. Tavie could stand to lose a few pounds and she has a lump on her toe that the vet will need to inspect, but she’s in great health otherwise. If you’re looking for a wonderful companion, then look no further, Tavie could be your perfect match!

In typical Frenchie fashion, Tavie is enjoying a little couch-snoozing while in foster care this summer. If you’d like to sponsor her, please click on her sweet face in the picture above. We know she would show her appreciation with a few well-placed and slobbery licks to your legs and feet!


Diane Cuming