Date posted: 4/19/19
Location: RI

We’re happy to introduce Tormund, one of four Frenchies from Turkey. All of the “Turkey dogs” are underweight and may not be used to living in homes with a family. FBRN is happy to help find loving forever homes for these dogs. They’ve had a rough beginning, and we can’t wait to see them flourish in foster care.

Tormund is named for the leader of the Wildlings on Game of Thrones, Tormund Giantsbane, and he certainly lives up to his namesake. FBRN’s Tormund is boisterous, handsome, hysterical and stubborn! Tormund is adjusting to his new life in a foster home with soft beds and will be slowly introduced to the resident pets.

Tormund looks like he was getting his fair share of food, but his skin was in poor condition when he arrived. Veterinary examination went well and we’re happy to report that Tormund is heartworm free and passed all other tests with flying colors. Tormund is very smart, but rarely sits still. He’s always scurrying around looking for something! It has been a challenge for his foster home to get him to slow down, but once he does, he enjoys snuggling in his human’s lap. Tormund has already mastered “sit”, but “leave it” and “off” are proving to be a bit more challenging, especially when foster mom is cooking!

Tormund has had quite an adventure getting to FBRN and we can’t wait to see him blossom! If you’d like to sponsor Tormund, or any of the “Turkey dogs”, please click on the banner above. Tormund and others like him will appreciate all the love you can send their way!


Just a little something to help Tormund on his way to recovery. From Sukiliciousness

Tormund, here's a little something to help you on your road to recovery. You are adorable.can't wait to put in an application for you! L. Hogan