Date posted: 5/28/17
Location: NJ

Oh, good heavens, poor young Wicklow has a sad tale to tell: On May 4th she broke her leg, but her people didn't have the wherewithal to pay to have it mended. After a short time passed, someone suggested they look into rescue. They found us, and we welcomed Mlle. Wicklow into the FBRN fold. The very next day, Wicklow had surgery to repair the broken limb--it was a bad elbow fracture, and going into surgery, we understood that amputation could be necessary--and we waited nervously for the outcome. Fortunately, the elbow was repaired with a variety of hardware, and the day after that, Wicklow was recuperating in her foster home! Thanks to donors who generously support us, we can immediately move dogs like Wicklow into emergency treatments to relieve their suffering, as in Wicklow's case, or to save their lives, as in other cases, such as Mambo, who came to us with a necrotic rectal prolapse, poor guy. Wicklow will have to be kept very quiet in her foster home, and her new home will have to be a ranch house or some other house that is without stairs. If she damages the limb again, she will almost certainly lose it to amputation.  

Regarding Wicklow, she is a 4-year-old brindle pied girl with a double hood. "Double hood" means both eyes are covered with dark patches. Though she is an adult, she has the mannerisms of a puppy, wiggling and waggling her bottom as fast as it will go when her foster mom walks into the room where she is recuperating, undergoing slow introductions, and getting out from under the effects of the surgery.

We think Wicklow will be in foster care for a good 3 months and maybe longer as her leg heals. If you'd like to donate to this energetic little Frenchie's care, please just click on her funny face above. As always, we thank you for your generous donations to the care of our dogs.




Teresa Caudle

We're rooting for you, Wicklow! Xoxo Fiona in NYC and her hooman Momma.

Debra Nash

A little something for Wicklow's recovery. Thank you FBRN for the work you do. Denise B

Sending lots of love from Rin & Crew!