Location: CT
Date Posted: Moved back to foster 5/13/17

Updated 5/13/17
After a good long while on the available page, Wilson has moved back to foster care, where he will stay until he wanders off across the Bridge. Wilson is an old man, and we thought that asking him to pick up and get accustomed to a new family would not be in his interests.

Wilson is a special needs boy whose behavioral challenges were a little more than his adopters had bargained for, despite their experience with deaf dogs. He has returned to FBRN and he'll be staying with our wonderful trainer in New England. She has saved many dogs' lives and has found perfect homes for some of our most difficult dogs. We are hoping that she'll be able to get at the root of his problems and help find and, over time, train a forever family who will have a solid grounding in how to address Wilson's particular triggers.  

If you have a soft spot for a difficult dog, please consider sponsoring Wilson. Thank you!


Wilson - From Poe (2011 Grad) and Good Good Pins <3

Teresa Caudle

This is to help Wilson in Wilton CT We wish we could take him in but we have another French. Our hearts break for this little guy. Richard Stout

Wilson, I've clicked on your bio so many times, wishing we were a good fit for you. I'm happy to hear that you'll be staying with your foster mom (now Mama!) Please ask her to use this donation to buy you a baby dragon. With lots of love from the Phillips family.

For Wilson, I have followed your story for as long as you have been with FBRN, you are just like our girl CeeCee, I am glad you are home. Gregory Sorbello

For Wilson so happy you will be spending the rest of your days with your foster family. Lisa Doyle

For Wilson! Richard Stout

Tim Miller

For Wilson to help provide a little health care and perhaps a little luxury for him. I'm sending lots of love and hope. Love from Suzi Berg

Kayla Johnson