Date posted: 4/1/18
Location: Maine

Send a warm FBRN welcome to our newest girl, Zoe! This senior blonde bombshell came to FBRN when her owner felt she was no longer able to provide the diet and medications needed to keep this sweet girl healthy.

Like many Frenchies, Zoe suffers from allergies. She is currently on a strict, high-quality diet, daily medications and frequent baths to keep itchies at bay. She also takes daily medication for a thyroid condition. She has had her initial vet visit, and we are now awaiting the results of allergy testing to make sure we get a complete picture of what she needs - and needs to avoid.

Now for the important stuff: this girl is a love! In just a short time in her foster home, she has proven to be a wonderful, loving companion who follows her foster mom around, submits without complaint to the wipes, baths, powders and medications that keep her skin healthy, and gets along with everyone in her foster home - including people, cats and other dogs. In true Frenchie fashion, she alternates between play sessions, snuggling and naps. And did we mention her gorgeous, soulful eyes? <sigh> This girl is the total package. Zoe is still settling in, but it's already clear that this girl is a heartbreaker. If you're as smitten as we are, consider dropping a few coins into her piggy bank, wouldja? Just click on the link and donate to Zoe's toy fund. She - and we - will thank you!


A little sonething for Zoe! Fell in love with her and hoping to adopt her somesay soon! Marianne Greene

Zoe; you’re in a good place. Annette Thornburgh

Zoe - From one itchy girl to another, have a couple CADI shots on me! Love, Cloet Trimarco (2012 grad)