Date posted: 10/22/16
Location: California



Zydeco was recently diagnosed with Cushing's disease.  He needs a little more time in foster care to get stabilized on the correct dose of medication.  This process requires expensive ACTH stimulation tests, and his medication is not cheap, so if you have a few farthings left over from your holiday revelry, it would be wonderful if you could send them his way! Thank you!

Just look at the twinkle in that eye! If you are thinking that this little guy has a story to tell, you are absolutely right, and it's a doozy.

It starts with him being stuffed, filthy and skinny, into the bottom of a stack of dog vendor's cages in the Philippines. A good Samaritan spied him there, and whisked him back to the United States for a better life. Zydeco's new friend planned to keep him, but his job required frequent travel. He surrendered the little dog to FBRN, but not before Zydeco… get this… saved the lives of five people by barking and waking them when a fire broke out during the night. The house and its contents were destroyed by the swiftly spreading blaze, but all of the human occupants got out thanks to Zydeco. That's right… Zydeco is an honest-to-goodness hero! He very nearly didn't make it out of the burning house himself, but his friend ran back in to rescue him. Again.

While in FBRN foster care, Zydeco injured his right eye and developed a melting ulcer. We were unable, despite our best efforts, to save the eye, and Zydeco underwent denucleation surgery. He didn't miss a beat, however, and soon found himself a new family. Zydeco lived the good life in his new home for two years, but then his luck changed yet again. His adopter suffered a sudden, debilitating illness, and was no longer able to care for him. At the age of 9, Zydeco found himself back in foster care.

The first thing his foster mom noticed was that Zydeco appeared to have been hitting the beignets pretty hard. Hey, who can blame him? He's had to deal with a lot of disappointments in life. Luckily, there's nothing he likes better than a good game of basketball, so this portly pooch will be hitting the court in an attempt to shed a few pounds. He was also drinking and piddling excessively, so off to the vet he went for a thorough check-up. Sure enough, Zydeco's waterworks were full of irritating struvite crystals.

Zydeco two-stepped his way back into FBRN without a penny to his name. Unfortunately, one can't pay for one's vet visits, basketballs and low-cal treats with one's dashing good looks, so please consider sponsoring this extraordinary boy. Just click on the link to make a donation. Thank you!






Teresa Caudle

Stephanie Trcka

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For sweet Zydeco. Natalie Esposito

Fernando Robles

So sorry you have had such a hard lifeZydeco. You are such a beautiful boy. The right family will come along and give you all the love you will ever need. Kathy Williams

Zydeco your a hero and I hope you get a furever home real soon!!! Best wishes from Arizona. Tiffany Gray

Wishing you health and happiness! Celimarie Fandino

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Hang in there, Zydeco! Thinking of you in MD and sending positive vibes! Happy Halloween! Mary Hopkins

Zydeco-you are a hero in our eyes! Hope you find a forever family deserving of your greatness! The Mastrodonato-Zygadlo Family

We would love to sponsor Zydeco! From Bella B. The Pet Supply

Zydeco seems like such a sweet and wonderful dog! I hope he can find his forever home soon. Please take good care of him! Alice Xiang

Merry Christmas Zydeco! Hope you are feeling 100% real soon. xoxo, Trish, Ian & Mozy (FBRN alumni)

Merry Christmas, Zydeco! Hope you find your forever home soon! Myriah Bash

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