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Date posted: 2/2/19
Location: NY

UPDATE 8/20:

Jimmy has an inoperable tumor. Due to his age, he'll be spending his remaining days in hospice, hanging out with his senior foster siblings (aka the grumpy old men bully group). His foster mom keeps his allergies under control and his anxiety low to ensure his remaining days are good ones.

We like to think that our newest foster, Jimmy, has characteristics similar to his namesake, Jimmy Olsen, reporter and photographer at The Daily Planet alongside Clark Kent. If nothing else, Jimmy is a brave gentleman who came to us at the sweet age of 10 years old. He’s looking for his Superman or Lois Lane or both to provide a place to call home for the rest of his years.

Not much is known about Jimmy as he continues to settle into foster care. He has some health issues that will be checked out and his eyes are a bit cloudy with age. But, he has super hearing and perks up those bat ears with excellent speed when he catches wind of something interesting. He’s currently sauntering around with a belly band to help with puddles in the house, but we’ll also explore if the use of a full diaper is needed.

Jimmy will be looking to share his next adventure with his forever family very soon. In the meantime, he’s soaking up attention with his foster family and keeping an eye out for potential news stories. If you would like to help care for Jimmy or contribute to his savings fund for the signal watch that went missing, please click on the link to donate. Don’t forget to give Jimmy some super encouragement! He’s such a gentleman that he will no doubt say thank you in return.


With love from Rin & crew

Some love for Jimmy. Denise Belair

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