Date posted: 7/15/17
Location: Central TX

With a new baby on the way and too little time for him, Dezz's family has made the tough decision to send Dezz to a new home where this loverduck can get all the tummy rubs, ear nibbles, and back scratches he can stand.

What a good boy this 6-year-old is! In his first bath he stood stock still--no death yodels, wiggling, or slipping around like *some* Frenchies do--and he is getting the knack of the slow introductions to the residents down. What's apparent so far is he loves car rides, cuddles, and dog treats. Dog treats are high on his list of "Yes, please, Moddom" things.

He's got some emotional issues to work through. He distrusts the crate--does not like it on a boat, would not like it with a goat--so his foster family will be teaching him that the crate is also called the Cookie Box, and it is the place where good things occur.

His spinal ridges are kind of prominent, so he could use those Cookie Box treats and maybe some satin balls* as his foster family plumps him up a bit, and he will be showing off his good leash skills and his happy smiles to the neighbors as he gets out and about in his new district. Once he gets to the vet, we'll know if there's anything going on with this energetic, playful young animal. If you'd like to donate to his fund for Extra Goodies, just click on his photo above. He'll grin all over himself with thankfulness!

*What are satin balls? They are a special raw food recipe especially for too-thin dogs. Here's a link: