Date posted: 8/8/19
Location: Louisiana

Please welcome my new foster dog Disco, fostering near one of the great music capitals of the world. 

This cutie is just a baby at 10 months old, and his foster mama, who is not AT ALL prejudiced in his favor, says he is one of the prettiest little Frenchies of all the gorgeous Frenchies she's ever met. Maybe he reminded her of John Travolta, and that's why she is calling him Disco?

Disco was taken in by an FBRN adopter from his owner’s family who could not afford young Disco's vet bills. Frenchies are one of the most expensive dogs you can keep, so potential adopters beware. Disco's Good Samaritan notified FBRN that he needed to be surrendered as she also was not in a position to keep him. 

Disco has been a real gem. Yes, puppy excitement, if not redirected, can escalate to cuckoo-crazy, but he does calm down and will listen to people and take direction. His breathing is heavy when he's excited--very common among Frenchies and all brachycephalic dogs-- so it's possible nares and palate surgery could be in his future. He will also need to be neutered before he can go to his new family. Overall, he looks to be in great shape. He takes everything in stride, says his foster mom, despite the bouncing around he has experienced in his short life. We can not wait to see this diamond in the rough shine. If you have a soft spot for a spendy little dark-haired Disco boy, please donate to the cost of his neuter or nares surgery by tapping on his handsome face. We do think many women given the option to cuddle with John Travolta or the option to cuddle with Disco would have a tough, tough choice. The rest would immediately flock to this baby's side! Thanks so much for your help! July was a dryyyy month around here, and we can put your donations to good use.


Morgan Anderson

Rock on Disco you crazy diamond. From @FrenchieGordon and his family of furless human types.

For Disco. A little something to add to your medical piggy bank so you can do the Hustle, the Bump, and the Funky Chicken. xo Alicia Cervini

A little something for Disco. Kimberly Chambers

This is for Disco to help your med needs. Instantly fell in love when I saw his post on FB. You have the cutest face and I'm keeping an eye on you! Hope this helps. Jemellee Santos

Disco, Zulu says to keep your head up and burn bright!!!! She's rooting for you :D Tiara Marshall