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Date posted: 3/23/20
Location: NJ

Welcome to the latest FBRN heartthrob: Hollister! Hollister is a cute and playful 16-week-old nugget.

Hollister has been diagnosed with a serious cardic condition as during his first vet visit he was noted to have a high heart rate and loud murmur. His cardiologist report was mixed. His pulmonic stenosis (an epidemic amongst this genetic nightmare of a color) is mild, but he has a stricture above the valve which makes a surgical correction likely impossible. There are many, many unknowns for this little man but in the meantime, we're working to find the best course of action for him. He spends his days under close observation at the vet and his nights wrassling with his resident foster siblings. His does tire more easily because of his cardiac issues but is still a playful, excited puppy.

An early expert at the Frenchie howl and death wail, he makes it clear he doesn't like being left alone! But when one is this cute, one should always be in the company of loved ones!

Hollister's health issues will require quite a bit of specialists on board. If you have some spare change, he would appreciate it tossed his way. Of course, he'll want to spend it on toys but sharing is caring. Thank you!


This is for Hollister and in support of "heart dogs". Dorothy Mace

sweet little hollister! hope that heart condition doesn't get you down! Tara Ross

Hollister- stay strong little buddy and keep fighting. Jenavieve Gara