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In Memory of Little Sugar Bear 

I am absolutely devastated at the loss of Sugar. My heart was shattered like a glass dropped onto the floor, and a million pieces lay there just waiting to be picked up. I know that I will never find all those pieces and get it back together again. There will always be that single, unfounded piece.

Sugar was such a sweet little girl. She never complained, even though she didn't feel well. On the days that she felt the worst she would just lay around. On the days that she felt better she would have short little bursts of energy, and then quietly sleep in a lap, a chair or go back into her crate and just rest. She loved to be held and cuddled more than anything else in this world. She was a true pocket Frenchie, in that if she could get in your pocket and be with you all day, she would have.

She made adjustments for her size to ensure you knew she was there. When other dogs would gather at your feet, she would go around to the back of your legs and stick her head in between - letting you know not to forget her. If that didn't work, she would stand on her back legs and wrap her front paws around your leg, holding on so you couldn't walk away. In the morning when first let her out of her crate, she would come zooming out like she was shot out of a cannon. Then, a game of catch me if you can. The game never lasted long because her energy level was not high, and she just wanted to be with you.

I know my sorrow will heal with time, and I find comfort in the fact that unlike so many of our foster dogs she came from a former home where she had been loved. We knew it was going to be an uphill battle, but FBRN like so many others before her, did not turn their back on her. With funds so tight in this economy it would have been easier to say no to taking her in; but we didn't. I am forever grateful that once again it was shown what this organization is all about. I just wish the outcome had been different. I know that we gave her the best chance she ever had to be whole again.

I have never lost one of my fosters before, and this has been very hard. I know our little Peanut is now free of disease and whole again. I am positive that Mimi and Piggy were waiting at the rainbow bridge to help her. I will bury her in my memory garden along with all my other babies. God speed my little girl, until we meet again.

-Your foster momma