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In Memory of Dante 

Dante was a sweet boy who was with us for far too short a time. His journey with FBRN started when I picked him up at the shelter the day after New Year’s Day. From the start he was a friendly little guy. He had somewhat of a hook tail, and I don’t think that he stopped wagging it from the time we picked him up until I told him goodbye the morning he passed away.

Dante loved life, or at least was starting to. He wanted to be friends with all of the other dogs in the house, and even tried to lick the resident old lady cat in the face. He would have made an excellent buddy for anyone that would have been lucky enough to have adopted him. He loved water, going so far as to stand at the end of the porch when it rained to catch raindrops on his tongue. He would trot around the house in his 'manties', to avoid any unnecessary accidents, and when he got to lay in the bed he would try to wriggle out of them. We would laugh at him, and act like we were completely unaware of his attempts to be free from the manties. It was hard to get mad at him. He would just lay on his back and smile at you, as if to signal that he was finally getting to be the happy dog he was always supposed to be.

Our only hope now for Dante is that he is finally free from any pain, emotional or physical, that he suffered while on earth. We hope he knows that, for at least his last month, he was loved and that he was a good boy.

Goodbye our sweet foster boy, we’ll miss you.

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