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In Memory of Gussy 

fbrnFBRN Grad Gus crossed the bridge February '09. It's still so hard. We miss him so much. Life is so quiet without him. Gus came into our life when he needed us most. We fostered Gussy for a year before adopting him in March of 2007. He was a lot of hard work, but when he figured out he was safe with us he became a sweet boy. There will never be another like him. His joy at seeing us if we were gone for the day. His bouncy step, the smacking noise he would make when he wanted loving. He would growl at dad, he thought that was what he was supposed to do to show love for him. There is no one to keep the other furries in line, they can go in and out of the doggy door at will.

Rest in peace sweet boy, we'll see you again someday. All our love, Mom Eilene and Dad Al Cervanyk