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In Memory of Helios 

fbrnNever have I felt so blessed, loved, and wanted as when this wonderful boy wagged his tail to say hello. One of the sweetest memories I have are the times when I would get in close, and he would sniff my whole face, ever so gently so there was just the slightest tickle from his whiskers. Then he would give me a tiny, sweet kiss just to tell me life was good. He beat all the odds, living well far beyond what any vet predicted. Helios was just one of those dogs. He was my heart dog, even though I inherited him when I started dating my husband. Helios was there for almost the entire length of our relationship, and he was the best friend my husband has ever had. I feel honored that I got to have him as a friend as well. My heart hurts. It's a physical pain that is different than any I've felt before, even when I've lost other furry friends. I know we made the right decision. It is the best way we knew how to love him right now. Sleep well, my Helios. Your mommy loves you.