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In Memory of Jolly


We are very sad to have to tell you that crotchety yet lovable Jolly passed away last week on November 11. He was almost 13 years old. We adopted him from FBRN in December, 2006. We loved his loose-legged happy trot to the car when going for a ride, and the way he would put his paws on our knees and arch his back for a scratch. He was active and spry until just a couple of months ago, but then went down fast. During the last two weeks, he couldn't walk more than a couple of steps, was almost blind and had completely lost interest in food. His vet very kindly told us that it was better for him to be set free from his body and we tearfully agreed. We'll miss you, Jolly Curmudgeon, and hope to see you again someday at the bridge.

Thank you, FBRN, for all that you do to help dogs like Jolly.

Carla and Michael Fenswick