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In Memory of Jou-Jou 

joujouSadly, sweet Beulah, adopted 2/2/07, renamed Jou-Jou passed away February 2009. Jou-Jou, you sweet little girl. You taught me so many things, things like “It’s impossible to ever misplace a French Bulldog.” Oh, yes, it’s true. A French Bulldog can never get lost because wherever you are, they are. I’m going to be checking behind me when I’m at the sink doing dishes for a long time. That was a reflex I developed when you were with us. Always check before stepping backward, lest you trip over the Frenchie.

I just don’t know what am I going to do with my extra Cheez-its at lunch time now. The one and only trick you learned was to sit for a treat or rather, squat down until you hear, “OK, close enough.” Well, you also learned, “Come here and eat this piece of cheese,” but I suppose that doesn’t really count. Training is overrated anyway. Hey, any dog can learn to go to the door and bark to be let out, but what dog could remain so close to the sliding glass door and still perform her duties? I think there were times when you actually believed you were still inside when you did your business. And as for walking? Feh! That’s for dogs who haven’t figured out how to roll with style. As I told so many who asked, “No, I didn’t train her to ride in the stroller. She’s just lazy.” As a good bulldog should be.

aAnd, by gosh, you tell that cat: no one on the sofa except you! You got that, my feline brother?

All I can say is that you were perfect in all the ways that really mattered. No dog ever appreciated a good wrinkle-rubbing like you did. I cleaned the last of your “snuffle juice” off the storm door this morning. The sun beam in the front hall is so empty without you.

Your Mom, Dad, and Two-legged Sisters