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In Memory of Lola

fbrnOn July 21st, 2009, we lost our sweet Lola, who was with us for only three short, but wonderful months. Lola, with her doggie smiles and big heart, came to us at a time when we needed her most, after the loss of an infant grandson. She helped the entire family heal with her calm, warm presence, ready to sit quietly next to anyone when they felt sad or lonely for as long as they needed her to. As the weeks went by, she learned to ride with me on my motorcycle and enjoyed the wind in her hair. She became a frequent visitor of the tasting room at the local, dog-friendly Tyranena Brewery in Lake Mills, WI. She loved to listen to the live music there, and visited each table to be petted and fussed over by the patrons. She often went to work with Bruce, who is a ceramics artist, and slept in the sun while he made his pottery. Lola enjoyed everything and everyone she encountered. She worked very hard to breathe and was limited in her activities, but she never let it stop her from trying new things. I was not prepared to love this little frog so much so quickly. When she left us so suddenly, we were devastated. We miss Lola every day and will never forget our Princess. Her ashes are still with us in a beautiful clay urn, made just for her by Bruce.