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In Memory of Loo Loo

skeeterLooLoo was surrendered to FBRN because her previous owner could not effectively deal with her skin issues. We knew she wasn't well, but we were shocked by just how sick she was. Her skin was severely infected and she was just skin and bones, clearly very ill. She was just a shell of a dog emotionally as well, very un-Frenchie like. I can't imagine how awful she must have felt. I took her immediately to the vet, who was as worried about her as we were. But LooLoo was resilient. With strong antibiotics, good food and supplements, she started to feel and look much better within a couple of weeks. She virtually came alive right before our eyes. It was lovely to see her get a spark in her eyes and take pleasure in her surroundings. She couldn't get around well herself, due to tendon damage in her front legs, but she enjoyed watching our dogs play--she would bark and bounce up and down excitedly. She also started to play with some toys herself. She wiggled an enthusiastic greeting when we came home. We were all thrilled with her progress.

Unfortunately it turned out LooLoo was battling more problems than her compromised body could effectively fight. Her breathing, which had always been loud, took a sudden turn for the worse late one Friday night, and she spent a difficult weekend at the emergency vet. She was dependent on oxygen, and numerous x-rays showed she likely had pneumonia as well as significant lung and upper airway disease that she had been suffering from for years. The consensus was that even with aggressive treatment her quality of life would not improve. We decided to spare her any further suffering, and she was gently put to sleep with my husband and me there to let her know how loved she was. She even got to eat some chocolate in her last moments, which made her very happy.

We are very sad, and stunned by her rapid decline, but grateful that we got to have several weeks with her. Despite her medical needs she was an easy foster, so appreciative of company. She was content to sit outside with us, or hang out in the family room with everyone. I miss her a lot in the mornings. I would get up a half hour early and take her outside as the sun was rising, before anyone else in the house was up. We would sit companionably out in the backyard before we went in for her to have breakfast. My husband's time with her was in the evenings. If I couldn't find him in the house, he was usually out in the backyard with her. She had such a gentle presence and it was a pleasure to be around her.

When she felt frisky, she liked to roll around, scratching her back on a towel or blanket. If my son saw her do that it made him laugh. "She's doing ballet!" he'd say. He thought it looked like she was dancing. I know wherever she is now she is dancing with a strong and whole body, and will never suffer again.

Godspeed, little LooLoo. You were a good girl.