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In Memory of Nikki


fbrnIt was November 2008. I drove to Toronto by myself with my daughters, Craig stayed home and enjoyed quiet and football. I was picking up my Nikki. As soon as she romped out the door, my heart was hers. I did not believe that God gave me the opportunity to love this beautiful animal. We thought she was the cutest thing we ever saw!

We drove home and enjoyed a year of happiness. She was my daughter's dance school mascot and all who met us loved our Nikki. When we didn't have her with us, people would ask about her. She didnt have a mean bone in her body and followed us everywhere. My Nikki and I slept together every nite and enjoyed Saturday mornings loving each other because my husband was at work and the girls busy playing after a long week of school. My Nikki and I, thats how it was.

My girls often joked that I loved Nikki better than them. She was my pride and joy. She loved car rides and going for a walk to see the kids at the bus stop. We will forever miss our Nikki. The pain is so fresh but we have to keep going. Love is always binding and she taught us to keep on loving no matter what. Nikki, you captured the heart of your mom, dad, human sisters and loving canine sister Layla. You were two peas in a pod, my two little old babcias, i called the two of you. Layla looks for you in the yard but I see you on the couch still. I will never stop loving you Nikki and vow to make a difference because of YOU...I LOVE YOU AND PLEASE MEET ME UP THERE ONE DAY, I WILL BE LOOKING FOR YOU. Love, your mom Sheri, your daddy Craig, and your sissy's Maris , Kennedy and fur sis Layla