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In Memory of Zelda

skeeterZelda came to us from a puppy mill; used for breeding then thrown out when she was 5. She was such a sweet girl. The minute I saw her, my heart went out to her and I wanted to make her better. She could barely hold her head up; so sedated from the seizure medication she was on. We had high hopes that she would begin to be a normal dog but the days turned into weeks, and she wasn't any better. All the vets that saw her suspected she had a tumor/mass in her brain and that's why the medication was making her so sedated. Her seizures started getting worse and we couldn't put her through it any more. She loved to eat, so she was spoiled with a huge Burger King supper of chicken nuggets, fries and a Whopper! My friend who is a vet came to our house, and she went peacefully in my arms. I hope you feel no pain any more, and are running around up there happy and healthy! We love you little Zelda, rest in peace.