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In Memory of Addison

On Jan. 8th, 2010 Tim and I had to say good bye to our little foster Addison (AKA) Adda-girl. She came to FBRN after a rough start in life. She was missing her left eye and had attitude to spare. She had been surrendered after beating up two pugs in her previous home. I couldn't believe this little one could cause anyone harm. She was sweet and loving, and so happy to just cuddle.

Her breathing was the worst I had ever heard. Soon after arriving, she was rushed to the vet with respiratory difficulty and a swollen abdomen. She was brought to a specialist for possible surgery. They had to do an emergency tracheotomy just so she could breathe.

A tumor was found in Addison's nasal cavity. It was removed and sent for a biopsy; unfortunately the biopsy results weren't good. Addison had cancer. It was incurable, and the location made it impossible to do radiation. (Although all that would have done, was perhaps buy her a little time, and she would have lost her good eye.)

We decided that the best thing for Addison would be to bring her home and give her the best care and all our love until she gave us a sign that it was time to let her go. Many others shared in our grief and took Addison under their wings to see that her final days were filled with love. Her Junior FBRN volunteer worked hard to save his money for things for Addison. Other volunteers sent her yummy treats, toys and a soft pink blanket.

Right before Christmas she began to get worse, and we worked hard to keep her going through the holidays. With the help of a specialist we managed to do this, by increasing her medicine and restricting her activity by carrying her everywhere. She remained comfortable and in no pain. On the 6th of Jan. her breathing became worse, but she was not suffering so we waited and hoped. The 7th came and she wasn't any better. On the 8th we knew it was time. She was exhausted from not being able to sleep, and we could see her stomach starting to swell with air. We took her to the clinic and Tim held her in his arms as she peacefully went to sleep. We wrapped her in her soft pink blanket and laid her to rest in our memory garden. R.I.P. sweet Addison, you are forever in our hearts and we miss you very much.

-Your Foster Parents