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In Memory of Betty

fbrnEach time I try to describe how much my angel Betty meant to me, the words escape me. Perhaps it's because the loss I feel over losing her so soon is simply indescribable. We were able to keep Betty from suffering seizures for 9 months, but heartbreakingly she succumbed to debilitating cluster seizures and we had to let her go.

Betty captured my heart from the moment I met her. I remember seeing her picture on the FBRN website for the first time and knowing we were meant to be together. She flew back from Ohio with me to California and became my heart dog. I'll never forget driving with her for the first time and seeing her big ole head taking up my entire rear view mirror. I thought to myself, "Wow, she's really here!" I literally laughed out loud to myself, giddy with joy for having Betty with me. For the 11 short months I was blessed to share my life with her, she brightened my smile and taught me that angels truly do walk among us. She went everywhere with me, and when we were home, she was glued to my side. I still expect to hear her toe nails clicking across the floor as I walk from room to room. I will forever miss the way she gazed up at me with unconditional love and trust. Betty took a piece of my heart with her when she crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I imagine the angels must be rejoicing in heaven having one of their own back with them.

fbrnYou will forever be loved and missed my sweet angel.

Love, momma