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In Memory of Boo Boo 

boo booIt is with an extreme sadness that I tell you BooBoo has crossed over In the end, she crashed from a cascading series of events resulting in the diagnosis of systemic lupus.

The worst part is we could not even attempt to treat these new symptoms with the recommended steroids, due to her acute gastro-intestinal disease, which was likely the result of early undiagnosed lupus symptoms. Her anemia got increasingly worse, her urinary tract was infected, she became very lame and when my darling good eater went off her food ... for days, I knew it was time.

My heart is broken. BooBoo never asked for much. She so appreciated her daily alone time for belly rubs and lovin. She was the kindest, most gentle soul I've ever known. It took such a long time for her to feel safe enough to play and romp around the house with the others. My heart soared the first time I watched her join in and roll over on her back with a toy-fourteen months after she came into our lives. I am grateful for her and at peace with giving her that sense of security and belonging in her last years. They were too few for me, but I hope enough for her.

Please accept the balance of BooBoo's adoption fee, plus a little extra, in loving and grateful memory
of her tender soul.
Theresa Wilson