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In Memory of Buster 

Buster crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on 5/26/2010, and Oh How I Miss Him!

Where do I even start? My son Anthony rescued Buster along with his sister Babbs from a rescue in Alabama, I was at the time living in another country. However when I arrived home to live with my son I was greeted by Buster. Along came his sister following behind who is 90 percent blind. Immediately Buster and I became very close, I think it was because i had three boys, and Buster was a male Frenchie. He was such a talker, and no matter where i was in the house Bustie was right there with me, he would actually call me to hurry taking a shower, so that he could jump up on my bed for his daily and very long belly rubs, along with his favorite pillow, which will always stay close to my heart as I miss him so very much.

busterEveryone that passed us by, would be amazed at how adorable and cute Buster was, with his big blue eyes, and his sister always following along. My Buster would just stare at me no matter what I was doing for hours at a time if u let him. Babbs would be there as well, although Babbs is not a lap Frenchie. She is more laid-back and aggressive due to her blindness, but is just as lovable as her brother was. Sometimes Buster would egg her on but he put up with her and always protected her, he didn't mind - that is how my Buster was.

I am trying so very hard to be strong, but for anyone with a Frenchie you know how attached we get to them. I miss him so much, words cannot describe the loss I feel. You think it gets easier as the days go by, but for me, there is a hole in my heart. That's when I grab Busters pillow and remember all the good times we had and usually cry myself to sleep thinking about him.

The past year my health has not been good, and my son fell into very bad times, it became impossible for us to care for my Buster and Babbs so we had to make a very hard decision, which I am regretting every day since. Thankfully, My son found FBRN, and after serious thinking we decided to call and Judy was so very kind, we had to find forever parents that could give Buster and Babbs the attention and Love they so deserved, and please know that we loved them with all our heart. Those 8 years were wonderful, sometimes things happen for a reason. Lucky for us we found a very caring and wonderful foster Mom for Buster and Babbs. I knew immediately that they were in good hands, and would like to thank them especially during this difficult time. What a wonderful job FBRN does.

In closing, I would just say that the days are still hard, I have My Busters remains with me now, Thanks to FBRN, and my memorial of Him and Babbs his sister, who is now on the available page and would love a new home and forever Parents to care and luv her, as I do. Buster is watching over Babbs, and Buster would Love for someone to adopt his sister!

My Buster crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and I miss him so!

I love you Buster, and hold you close to my heart every single night with your favorite pillow that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Please watch over me and Your sister Babbs and we will both join you again one day.
My precious Buster, I love you, Love forever Grandmom Rita

For anyone reading this memorial, please if you are considering adopting think about my Babbs, Buster would luv for you to adopt his Sister as I would.