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In Memory of Buttercup 

fbrnOur tiny wonder, Buttercup, sadly passed away after surgery. She was constantly spitting liquid from her lungs and had difficulty receiving adequate oxygen. She was unable to fully enjoy everyday activities, like running after a beloved tennis ball, or going for an evening stroll. FBRN rallied to support Buttercup in her quest for a better life. Unfortunately, although the surgery went well, Buttercup aspirated a day later at the vet's office and was unable to be resuscitated.

Buttercup was truly one of a kind. She had an obsessive zeal for tennis balls, chewing and cuddling them until the balls collapsed. Buttercup believed that TV viewing should be an interactive experience and would wiggle if she liked what was going on, or bark if something inappropriate occurred. We loved watching every quirky movement and showering her with toys. We are reminded of her every time we find one of her treasured toys skillfully hidden in a blanket or under a couch.