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In Memory of Coconut


Coconut was a special little guy with a special personality. He had sustained head trauma somewhere in his short life, which caused him to have some funny little quirks. These quirks are what made him so special, and everyone that met him loved him. He came to FBRN when his family was unable to care for him any longer.

fbrnWe weren't sure what his problems were, or if they could be helped. He had a battery of tests and we received the word that he could be Available; he would just need a special home to love and understand him.

He found that home and moved in with his forever family. Shortly after, he started having many seizures and they worked hard to help him. They had fallen under his charm like all the rest of us had. In the end the seizures took their toll on his little body and it was decided he needed to be released from the pain and suffering. He was held in the arms of his loving mom and told how much he was loved by all of us.

Coconut, you were a sweet boy and will forever hold a place in my heart. Godspeed little man.

Debbie Adams