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In Memory of Cooper

Tonight I had to say goodbye to my little buddy. Cooper was pushing 14 years old and despite his ever increasing problems, he was his feisty little self through it all.

Last night he stopped eating and began to show signs of discomfort. Today, he worsened. As I struggled to decide what to do, he watched me with those big, gorgeous eyes. Eyes I have peered into hundreds of thousands of times in the last 7 years. Eyes normally full of mischief, cockiness and laughter (usually laughing AT me, I might add) were suddenly sad and afraid. For once, my independent, egocentric, impossibly strong-willed little bully looked at me as if he actually NEEDED me. He made it clear he was ready to say goodbye and he needed me to help him do that.

Out of the thousands of dogs I have dealt with, the hundreds that have come through my home, I have never met a dog like Da Poop. He had more character, more personality, more layers than most humans I have known. He was difficult, he was rude, he was head-strong and God, he was funny. I loved every second he was in my life. From the depths of my heart, thank you FBRN.

I sure hope Heaven is ready for you, little buddy. Give 'em hell.