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In Memory of Jacob

JacobI have been attempting to write this several times. It is to inform you about our heartbreaking loss of Jacob Magglos. I wanted you to see pictures of him. We adopted him on January 21, 2010. He was the picture of health. We love him more than I can tell you. He added so much to our family. We were so blessed to have that bright, joyful, loving little boy; and now we are incredibly empty without him.

Jakey became ill less than 2 weeks ago. His symptoms were loss of appetite and some vomiting. We took him to the doctor and had x-rays, ultra sound and blood work done. The diagnosis was inflammatory bowel disease. We were given medicine and new food. Jakey did not improve and also stopped drinking water. We were at the vets office 2 more times within the week. Finally we took him to a critical care hospital where he was diagnosed with kidney failure. They began treating him with fluids for his kidneys, but other symptoms began to occur. I prayed hard for a miracle, and asked the doctors to do everything in their power to save him. But, Jakey continued to decline and after 6 days in the hospital the doctor said that there was nothing left to try. It was the hardest thing we have ever done; making the decision to end Jakey's suffering. My husband and I were with him.

jacobWe thank you for allowing us to be Jakey's parents. He was only 2 years old and we had planned to grow old with him. He loved going everywhere with us whether it was in the motor home for a couple of days or just a short trip to the store. He slept in bed under the covers which he learned from his brother, Wilbur. He loved sitting in my husband's lap every morning while we had our coffee before taking him for his walk. In fact, Jakey loved sitting in my husband's lap more than going for a walk. When he was happy his ears would go back, especially when he was expecting a treat. He ran through our house with his brother chasing him. When they were not playing or sleeping together they moved as if they were one dog, side by side. There are so many more details I could share. I am a stay at home housewife (with no children) so I had the privilege of spending nearly 24/7 with my boys. My husband is grieving terribly for Jakey; they had an incredible bond. Jakey loved me, but he adored my husband.

Jim, Linda & Wilbur Magglos