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In Memory of Kelley

Kelley came to us in May 2008, and immediately stole our hearts. We feel very fortunate that FBRN selected us to adopt Kelley so we could spend the last 20 months with the most incredibly sweet and beautiful brindle pied frenchie.

Kelley was truly the perfect companion. She quickly adjusted to being my sidekick and accompanied me most places every day. She was kind and gentle in nature and was an avid couch potato. There was no doubt that she was thrilled to spend her days in bed, on the couch or in her special bed in my office. She became the mascot at the office and enjoyed her afternoon greetings with our visitors in the lobby. She loved to walk up to each person, and would politely sit at their feet and look up into their eyes. It was her way of saying "Hello, would you please be my friend? Reach out and pat me if you'd like to be my friend." I'd say..."Come on Kell, we've got to get going." And she moved to the next person and repeat her request. It was so precious that anyone was hard pressed to refuse to give her some love. I would joke that I would need to leave the office 15 minutes early, so we could make the rounds in the lobby so I could be home in time for dinner.

On some days I agreed to give her the day off, to nap at home, and I would undoubtedly be asked multiple times, "where's Kelley today?" She truly made and warmed the hearts of many.

Every day Kelley was told several times that she was loved and that she was "sooo pretty and sooo smart", after all, I knew that we had to make up for many days before we met when someone did not treasure her like she so deserved to be treasured.

If I knew she would leave me so soon, I wouldn't change a thing. I never took a moment for granted and gave her the very best of me I could possibly give. Kelley enjoyed the finer things in life: sleeping in bed with down blankets and flannel sheets, limitless naps on the couch, the tv was left on when she was at home, and plenty of treats and table food. Fine fashions were also enjoyed: a Coach brand collar, Fido Fleece, and a custom designed winter coat all came from the heart. She got to have all the wonderful things in life because she never took them for granted and we never took HER for granted.

I'll always long for more time with my most pretty pied girl. We lovingly gave her the very best of love, care, and life we could provide and she forever has our hearts.

We love you Kell Kell, and are sending all our love with you over the bridge.