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In Memory of Liberty Belle Filkins

fbrnWhere do we begin the story of how Miss Liberty Belle changed our lives forever?

Of course it would start with Memorial Day weekend 2009, when we first met Liberty Belle. We all agreed a sleep-in would be a good idea. We knew that first night she would be our little princess and sure enough, Liberty called it and decided the Filkins residence would be her forever home indeed.

We could tell you about how pretty yet polite, or how unassuming yet self-assured she was.

We could tell you about how Liberty would blink her bountiful browns; wiggle her big ears and prance with her front paws all at once when she suspected even the slightest displeasure on our part.

Then again, her methodology for disemboweling and destroying stuffed toys with squeakers to shreds in less than 45 seconds was always amusing, if not a bit disconcerting.

Without a doubt the kisses she would blow, along with that little sigh which would stop you dead in your tracks can't be left out.

We could go on and on ,but while we only had 11 short months of blessed time with Liberty, we can tell you she taught us much more than we can ever give back to her. Things like how delicate and finite life really is, or how unconditional and self-sacrificing love truly feels like. She taught us the importance of a gracious spirit. That same spirit is what carried her through the multiple diseases which riddled her young body and which ultimately took her life. When all else has failed and it seems there is nothing left to offer someone, she taught us the difference between being cured and being healed by the love of those around you. Even as Liberty's time to cross the rainbow ridge into Heaven came, she taught us there is still time to be grateful for what you have.

So, here's to you little Liberty Belle.
We love you and miss you terribly,

Shellie, Scott, LaRue and Louey (the cat)