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In Memory of Maggie

MaggieIt is with much tears that I let you know Maggie passed on Sept 11, 2010. She passed with my hands under her chin and with mommy whispers of "I love you, I love you, I love you... " 100 times so that would be the last thing she would hear as she departed this world as her whole family came to say our goodbyes. I couldn't let go, I loved her so much. I held her head still after everyone had left staring in her eyes. Those eyes! I wanted to take this time to both thank you, and inform you of the wonderful ride that was Maggie. After much work with FBRN and many, many fosters, the one we got to keep was truly special. The stories we can tell and the impact she made on our lives is evident by the massive amout of tears shed as she left us. Thank you for giving me my princess. I spent our time wisely, I knew it was limited. She was five when she came to us and was in poor shape, her eyes were so cloudy, her muscles malnourished from poor dog food. Her teeth had fallen out so she could feed her puppies. She lived in a yard outdoors for a year.

We made her raw food, we fed her healthier food than most people eat. We exercised her, we worked with her, she loved like no other. Her eyes cleared, she became strong. Her coat once again was perfect. She was the alpha of all alphas. She spent countless hours on my chest sleeping while I watched TV; she loved to feel me breathe. I loved to whisper in her ear, she would give Frenchie purrs for hours. I made her a bed of multiple pillows and blankets every night because she expected it. No picture of her was ever posed, there was no need. Thank you so much for the oporturnity to take care of her for her last years. it was so short, we made the most of it. You would be proud and your Frenchies would be jealous of the love we gave her, and the intensity of the love she was capable of giving to us. It was with all our hearts, and all our resources that we cared so for our Queen. It was my honor to be the most loyal subject in her court. 
Laura & Jeff