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In Memory of Sylvie

I first met Sylvie on December 16th, 2009. She was a perky pied girl, who took no notice of her paralysis. She raced around in AND out of her wheels. My father joked that when he came to visit, she was always the first frenchie to greet him at the door. Sylvie had a heart of gold, and everyone fell in love with her at first glance. Three weeks later, Sylvie was diagnosed with an aggressive, malignant nasal tumor. We were devastated. Sylvie spent the next few months living every day to the fullest. She cuddled in bed every night. She zipped around the park in her wheels. She ate pizza. And cookies. And steak. She learned to use the dog door. She sunbathed. She played with her toys and she was never alone. Sylvie loved life, and I loved life with Sylvie. On April 13th, Sylvie left us. She left this world a better place, teaching us all a lesson in attitude and the triumph of spirit over life's "limitations". I'm a better person for loving you, Sylvie, and you will always have a piece of my heart.