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In Memory of Armistead

There is a huge, puppy-shaped cloud hanging over FBRN this week. With heavy hearts, we are all mourning the brave little puppy with the big name. Armistead, at only ten months of age, was pure sunshine; brightening his foster mom's life and the lives of everyone he met. He was acuddly, lovey puppy with a huge heart, and didn't allow his puppy mill beginning and subsequent health conditions to affect his zest for life.

Armi endured two previous surgeries for a prolapsed rectum and was having an additional surgery to correct his hips and knees. This was to try and alleviate some of the discomfort he was experiencing, to improve his quality of life, and to just help him live like a normal puppy. We'll let his foster mom tell the rest of his story:

fbrn"When I kissed those black lips goodbye this morning I didn't think it would be for the last time. During Armi's surgery to repair his hips and knees, his blood pressure skyrocketed and his heart stopped. The vet stopped surgery, already more than halfway in, and worked on trying to get him stable for a half an hour. Armi's heart was just not cooperating and he passed away.
I am so upset and can't stop crying. Armi was so full of life and we were trying to give him an even better and fuller life with the surgery. He zest for life will surely be missed.
~RIP~ Armi I loved you."
Armi lived his life full throttle; playing hard, loving hard, and enjoying every moment to its fullest. Perhaps he knew his time here was precious. We should all take a lesson from the little puppy that didn't let his own boundaries get in his way. Our deepest condolences to his foster family. Thank you for loving him. And thank you, all of our supporters, for making his care – and the care of our other fosters – possible.