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In Memory of Biscuit

I picked up Biscuit in Texas in July, 2010 and she had her first ride on an airplane home to Seattle. She became a wonderful companion to me, a retired grandma, following me everywhere, sitting on the couch with me and most nights sleeping in the bed she “shared” with me. Who can resist a Frenchie with her feet on the bedframe making little noises as if to say, “what about me, where am I supposed to sleep?” She loved going anywhere in the car and wasn’t always ready to get out when we got home. So she just stayed in the car until she was good and ready to come in. I think she was afraid I would go somewhere without her. She went everywhere with me that it was reasonable to take her. If she didn’t go with me, I could always count on her little bat ears appearing as soon as I came in the door. She would be on the couch and there she would stay once she saw me. No exciting greeting from this laid back little frog. She took me on walks around the neighborhood, deciding just where we would go. She enjoyed the river walk nearby but at her pace, not mine. I live in the downstairs of my house so when I occasionally had to go upstairs I propped the door open so she could follow me. When I came back down she would go as far as the landing and stop, unsure if I was coming up again and she wasn’t about to miss anything. Biscuit got sick in September and passed away peacefully and without pain on September 22, 2011. I had only had her for a year and two months. It wasn’t nearly long enough. The incredible joy she gave me is second only to the incredible pain of losing her. Not much was known about her background, age, etc. as she was given via Craig’s List and surrendered at a Wal-Mart. I know she had babies, but not how many litters. Devastated as I am without her, I don’t regret having had the chance to give her what may have been the best year of her life. I definitely will have another Frenchie and take the chance that I will have to grieve again. I would not go any other route than a rescue as these boys and girls deserve better than what they have had. But it will be awhile before I am ready. Rest in peace my darling Biscuit and I’ll see you at Rainbow Bridge.