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In Memory of Brie

They say that you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Its not the dogs that need to learn... Those of you who believe that you should only adopt puppies don't know how much love you are really missing out on. Today, I had to let my little Brie go free, back to the loving source that gave her to me. She survived years of torture and abuse in a puppy mill, was thrown out like the trash to wander in the dead of winter in a barren wasteland in southern Kansas until she died. But she didn't. And, I was lucky enough to adopt this grand old lady from FBRN. So shy and reserved, yet desperately wanting to share her love, she bonded quickly with my much younger Frenchie, learned to cuddle, play with toys and rough house like the best of them. A miracle girl, last year she beat the odds that her aggressive mammary cancer would take her within a month. She lived joyously another year with no special intervention. So after I complete this memorial to one of the sweetest souls I will ever share my life with, I will be applying to adopt another special senior citizen. Thank you foster mom Courtney and FBRN who make these love stories possible. Aprille Hill