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In Memory of Cecil


My best buddy Cecil passed away July 6, 2011. He had been dealing with a stomach problem that at first seemed remediable but then escalated quickly. After a full day of extensive testing and another day of surgery his little heart gave out. Cecil brought me more joy than I ever even imagined possible. There aren't really words for the sadness I now feel, nor can I possibly express how grateful I am for having him in my life. His mysterious life was filled with hardships including a bad case of mange (which he kicked) and numerous other skin infections, a compromised immune system, and he had lived in many different homes, I'm sure even more than I know about. But he bore it all with dignity, nothing ever got Cecil down and I really admired him for that. Even the night before his surgery, with a catheter in his leg and a cone on his head I couldn't keep him from diligently following me back and forth around the apartment – not spatially aware he kept bumping into my calves because he was used to following right at my feet and just couldn't get used to the few inches that the cone put between us. He didn't even consider sitting on the couch and sulking.

cecilCecil had a huge heart and was generous with his affection. He never let a lap go empty for long. He was always excited to meet new people and there was rarely an open door (be it house, building, or even car door) that he didn't try to enter. This trait often won him friends. Cecil was a people dog, he did not like other dogs or really any other pets for that matter, but he loved people and was a real charmer. Everyone on the block knew him and were all touched by his charms. Folks often remarked that he had a wise face, especially due to his grey muzzle and natural sense of curiosity. One neighbor used to joke that he expected Cecil to one day open up his mouth and talk. "I know he's got something to say." The whole block mourned with me when he passed.

His triumphant spirit truly inspired me and I will miss him very much. Cece – you taught me so much, wherever you are I hope you are the ONLY dog and that you have infinite couches and laps to lounge on. Just know that I will always love you.