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In Memory of Dozer

I finally did this, worst thing I've ever had to type. Thank you again so very much for Dozer, although it's tough to deal with, I really can't imagine life without having him in it, even if it wasn't for as long as we all hoped, thank you so much.
My buddy Doze
I grew up on a real junkyard in Montana, we always had rotweillers, german shepherds etc. to keep the place & us safe. Ten years ago I never would have thought I would fall in love with a dog that weighed less than a hundred pounds, especially a frenchie!!! The first encounter I had with one came when I was walking down the street & this little guy started barking at me, I laughed so hard & then introduced myself to him & he seemed to warm up to me right away. After that first encounter I found the FBRN website & became a daily visitor, when Dozer first came up & I saw him in Arizona, I was quick to fill out the application. I remember the call back like it was yesterday, I so very excited but tried not to get my hopes up too much, then when I got the call that I qualified for a home visit I was like a kid around Christmas waiting to meet this little dude. When the night came & Doze's foster mom cam walking up with him in his little camouflaged harness, I knew this guy & me were meant to be & am so thankful that his foster mom felt the same way. Upon finding out that I was selected as Doze's forever home, I was beside myself, everyone in my life was so excited for me, I was off to Pet Smart to pick up some toys & accessories to make sure he felt welcome from day 1. 
The past year I spent with Dozer has been an unbelievable one, thanks in most part to him entering my life. A few of my friends & I opened a new business this year, so a lot of my time has been devoted to work, I stopped going out pretty much at all, in favor of coming home to hang out with my buddy Doze. Each morning we'd get up & go for a walk, with Doze getting to know most of the regulars on our daily route. The ladies at Starbucks were always sure to give me treats for him, even if he wasn't with. Doze also enjoyed spending a lot of time with his buddy Nesta (an Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog). 

Dozer passed away in my lap on the way to the animal clinic after suffering a brain aneurism due to his valley fever. He remains a very large part of my heart & not a day has passed that I haven't thought of my little buddy & I'm not too sure if there will ever be a day that I don't think of Dozey Bear. He brought so much love to my life it's unreal & all he ever asked for was a cup of food in the morning, a cup in the evening, some rubber chickens to destroy, a set of nylabone keys to chew on & my lap...of course the occasional treat mixed in there! I had a lot of support from family, friends, co-workers & clients after his passing & that's because they all know how special of a dog Dozer was. He went through a lot before he came to FBRN & definitely fought hard until the tearful end. I am grateful to have known Dozer & so grateful that he passed in my arms, rather than by himself. The only fault I can think of was his love of the garbage, if I left it out, he'd get after it right away! Boy, what I wouldn't give to come home to a house with garbage spread from one end to the other! He was a special dude & can never be replaced. I love you Doze.